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Fortis Green Tennis Club
  (formerly Muswell Hill URC Lawn Tennis Club)
Fortis Green Tennis Club
 (formerly Muswell Hill URC Lawn Tennis Club)
Tucked away from the busy shopping centres of Muswell Hill and East Finchley is our charming small tennis club, in a secluded garden setting next to Cherry Tree Wood.

We have four shale courts, which are rarely crowded apart from the social Club Sessions on Saturday afternoons. The season usually runs from start of April to mid December, depending on the weather. In the winter months we have to close down as the courts are affected by frost and the icy conditions. But in recent years the season has been gradually extending.

Our standard of play is enthusiastic club level. The club is affiliated to the LTA and we field teams in both the Middlesex Summer and Winter Leagues. We also run a number of American Tournaments throughout the season as well as the more formal Annual Tournament.
Coaching is available, both individually and in groups. There are popular drop-in sessions for both juniors and adults keen to improve their skills.

Heart of the club are the Saturday afternoon Club Sessions, when members mix in continuously from set to set. We welcome potential new members to come and meet us and have the chance to play in. Mid-afternoon there is a break for tea, which adds to the social atmosphere and gives a welcome chance to sit down, have a chat and rest for those who need to.

Our clubhouse and facilities are characterful, making for a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It is a members-run club, with a good sense of community. The courts are maintained by a regular groundsman and a lot of other work is contracted out. But we also do some of our own maintenance, so do rely on everyone to take care of the courts and to take part in a pre-season working party once a year.
The club location makes it ideal for tennis enthusiasts of any level based in the popular areas of East Finchley and Muswell Hill. Most of our members live in surrounding residential roads and find it convenient to walk to the club. But the excellent atmosphere and unique people bonding make it not unusual for those who move away to keep their membership for years later.
Welcome to one of the hidden gems of North London